TGH Plus (Guinean Transport of Hydrocarbons and Goods) with its slogan Global Trading, has risen to the rank of professional in these fields of activity. Strongly committed to the promotion of local content and development, TGH Plus and these first-rate international partners seriously participate in the socio-economic development of Guinea and the West African region.

The company TGH Plus has a fleet of Tank Trucks, Freight Trucks, Personal Vehicles and transport buses. It also has a team of competent drivers, trained in international transport standards, experienced management staff who are available to provide professional delivery service to our customers.

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TGH Plus Group building, MA Street. 786, Matam,
Conakry, Guinea, BP 1562

(+224)629 41 68 62

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Monday-Friday: 08h-18h
Saturday: 09h-18h

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